The SCWA welcomes beginning or experienced woodworkers and invites you to JOIN US and become part of our active organization.  You will enhance your woodworking education and enjoy all of our "members only" benefits.

The next SCWA Meeting will be held on
October 1, at 7:00 pm

Our presenter will be Debey Zito.

Debey will be speaking about design elements in Japanese architecture illustrated with images from a trip to Japan with Terry Schmitt in 2017. Included will be examples of Asian design in furniture.

Details here

The 2019-2020 Artistry in Wood show will run from Friday November 22 through Sunday January 5, 2020 at the Museum of Sonoma County.   Directions

Below, an entry from last year's show:

Joe Scannell: Canvasback Love. "This piece of furniture was designed to go into an acute angled corner. The design evolved from round, to rounded-square, and eventually to this result. Other than the drawer sides, there are no pieces of wood that are completely straight and flat". Award of Excellence.

This Months Wood Forum

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Woodworking Internet Roundup

Some amazing woodworking skill  

Thanks to Kalia Kliban for sharing.

Hand cut Japanese dovetail joints 

Thanks to Steve Greenberg for sharing.

Tozai Designs

Yet another great video submitted by Joe Scannell.  I think you will all recognize the proprietor.  CLICK HERE

The Atomic Box

krtwood & Beethoven.  Click Here

Six Around One

Another really cool video submitted by Joe Scannell.   CLICK HERE

If you would like to share woodworking links of interest.  Send your favorite links to woodworking books, videos, plans, websites to "" for future listing on SCWA Homepage (w/credit!).


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