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Who:  Dr Seri Robinson

What: Spalted Wood Creation and Turning  

 180 Studios, Santa Rosa - directions below

When: Tuesday, April 2  7:00PM

  Dr. Seri C. Robinson, a professor of wood anatomy at Oregon State University, is the world expert on spalted wood. Spalting is the process by which wood is altered by fungi, which can cause beautiful patterns or colors. Spalted wood has been used in woodworking for hundreds of years and can be found in some of the colored woods used in 17th century European marquetry. You may know it from the black “zone lines” seen in the wood turnings of artists such as Mel Lindquist and the door panels of James Krenov.

Dr. Robinson, an accomplished wood turner, will explain how spalted wood occurs in nature and how you can make your own, and will demonstrate some of the special methods for turning spalted wood. Time permitting, we’ll also hear about exciting directions in spalted wood research, including fascinating applications outside of woodworking such as fabric dyes, solar panels, and even medical research.

SCWA Guild chair Mark Tindley calls Spalted Wood, which Dr. Robinson co-authored, “the most original and fascinating woodworking book I have ever read -- a wonderful mix of science and art.”


More on Dr Robinson and spalted wood here:

Directions to : 180 Studios, Santa Rosa

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting

2019 Calendar


 Month & date
 Presenter and Venue
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 January 19
 Bruce Berry - Berry's Mill tour,  Cazadero
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 February 19
 Robert Darr - Wooden Boat Building, 180 Studios (Santa Rosa)
2019-3_4 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 March 28  Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event, 180 Studios (Santa Rosa)
2019-3_4 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 April 2 Dr Seri Robinson - Spalted wood creation and turning, 180 Studios (Santa Rosa)  
 May 6
 Michael Wallace - details to follow


Aug SCWA Annual BBQ - Don Jereb's home - details to follow
 September 3 Debey Zito - details to follow  



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