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Who:  SCWA Annual Membership meeting

What:  Member's Annual Meeting and meeting the makers  

Where:  425  7th Street, Santa Rosa

When:  December 10, 2019 -  7:00 pm

2019 Artistry in Wood - Maker's Meeting

Once again, we will convene at the Sonoma County Museum for the Maker's Meeting. This is an opportunity for the Makers to share the story behind their creations, allowing us a much greater appreciation of the creative process, details and challenges.

In addition to being the Maker's Meeting it is also the SCWA's Annual meeting where officers are elected for the next year. It is important that we hear from as many members as possible. Please cast your votes!

Directions to Sonoma County Museum - (Google maps):

=>> Call to Action:

The Board of Directors is currently struggling to function with two unfilled positions: president and program chair. These positions must be filled if the SCWA is to continue to exist. As we celebrate the thirty-first annual Artistry in Wood show, we are reminded of our organization’s long and impressive history and of how regrettable it would be if we were unable to go forward. We strongly encourage members willing to accept one of the open positions to contact any of the current Board members at the next meeting, or their contact information is below. It is vital to our future that members participate in and contribute to our association. The investment of time is minimal and the rewards enormous.

Secretary: Lars Andersen -

Show Chair: Don Jereb -

Guild Chair: Mark Tindley -

Treasurer: Judith Garland -

Editor: Joe Scannell -

Webmaster: Rod Fraser -

Officer positions and responsibilities can be seen in the SCWA bylaws:

Directions to the Museum of Sonoma County

2019 Calendar


 Month & date
 Presenter and Venue
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 January 19
 Bruce Berry - Berry's Mill tour,  Cazadero
2019-2 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 February 19
 Robert Darr - Wooden Boat Building, 180 Studios (Santa Rosa)
2019-3_4 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 March 28  Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event, 180 Studios (Santa Rosa)
2019-3_4 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 April 2 Dr Seri Robinson - Spalted wood creation and turning, 180 Studios (Santa Rosa)  2019-5 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 May 7
 Michael Wallace - Arts and Crafts Masters
2019-6 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 Cancelled 2019-7 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 July 9
 Mark Tindley - Superglue! Tips and tricks from a professional woodworker.  2019-8 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 Aug 10 SCWA Annual BBQ - Don Jereb's home - details to follow 2019-9 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 Sept 10 Kalia Kliban - Finishing - Watching paint dry  2019-10 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 October 1 Debey Zito - Design, Japanese Architecture and Furniture
2019-11 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 November 19 Judges and Awards Evening

 December 10
 Makers and Annual Membership Meeting 

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