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Who:  Kalia Kliban

What:  Finishing - Watching paint dry  

  180 Studios, Santa Rosa

When:  September 10, 2019 -  7:00 pm

 Our presenter for the September meeting will be Kalia Kliban.

Kalia Kliban, a graduate of the California College of Arts and Crafts, has been a professional woodworker since the mid-90s. For most of that time she was a cabinet and furniture maker, with some side trips into working for high-end guitar makers. More recently she has focused on woodturning, with an emphasis on functional bowls and plates.

She has developed distinctive carved and painted finishes that make use of the unique properties of milk paint, and along the way has refined her approach to the paint itself. Her work can be found at Sebastopol Gallery, and you can find more information about her at "Kalia Kliban's Woodworking Page" on Facebook and in the December 2017 issue of American Woodturner.


2019 Calendar


 Month & date
 Presenter and Venue
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 January 19
 Bruce Berry - Berry's Mill tour,  Cazadero
2019-2 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 February 19
 Robert Darr - Wooden Boat Building, 180 Studios (Santa Rosa)
2019-3_4 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 March 28  Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event, 180 Studios (Santa Rosa)
2019-3_4 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 April 2 Dr Seri Robinson - Spalted wood creation and turning, 180 Studios (Santa Rosa)  2019-5 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 May 7
 Michael Wallace - Arts and Crafts Masters
2019-6 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 Cancelled 2019-7 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 July 9
 Mark Tindley - Superglue! Tips and tricks from a professional woodworker.  2019-8 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 Aug 10 SCWA Annual BBQ - Don Jereb's home - details to follow
 Sept 10 Kalia Kliban - Finishing - Watching paint dry  
 October 1 Debey Zito - details to follow


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