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Who: Garrett Hack 

What: "My Work and Life in Furniture"

Where: 180 Studios, Santa Rosa:

When: Friday, September 14  7:00PM

Furniture maker, woodworking educator, author, contributing editor for Fine Woodworking Magazine, and farmer.

Garrett Hack’s earliest memories were of sawing and hammering, so naturally after pursuing civil engineering and architecture at Princeton over forty years ago he became a furniture maker. Later study at Boston University’s Program in Artisanry influenced his style of contemporary designs based on classic forms. Internationally known, his work and Federal-inspired brick shop have been featured in The New York Times,PreservationHome Furniture, New Hampshire Home, and Fine Woodworking, where he is a contributing editor and regular writer about design and craftsmanship.

Fundamental to Garrett’s work are hand tools, for the polish of surfaces they cut and the subtle variations possible working by hand and eye rather than machine. He teaches classes throughout the country, and in Canada, Germany, England, Italy, Spain, Austria, Australia, and Japan. He is former chairman of the New Hampshire Furniture Masters and has written The Handplane Book and Classic Hand Tools (Taunton Press, 1997, 1999).

We will spend an interesting, enlightening and pleasant evening with Garrett exploring his work and approach to design and furniture creation.


For fun, explore his website:

Looking forward to seeing everyone

2018 Calendar


 Month & date
 Presenter and Venue
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 January 9
 Andrew Carruthers - violin maker, 180 Studios (Santa Rosa)
2018-2 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 February 6
 Robert Berry - TurboCad, 180 Studios (Santa Rosa)
2018-3 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 March 6
 Greg Zall - Parquetry, Gregs Shop (Petaluma)
2018-4 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 April 3
Bill Taft - Boat Building, 180 Studios (Santa Rosa)
 2018-5 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 May 1
 Hugh Buttrum - Turning, 180 Studios (Santa Rosa)
 2018-6 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 June 5
 Michael Cullen - Blurring the edges of craft through collaboration
 2018-7 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 July 10
 Phillip Nereo - Architectural Woodworking -- Tools and techniques
 2018-8 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 August 11 (Sat)
SCWA Summer BBQ @ Don Jereb's place.
 2018-9 SCWA newsletter sfs.pdf
 September 14
Garrett Hack
 October 2

 November 13
Artistry In Wood Show: Meeting w/Judges, Museums of Sonoma County: 7PM

December 8 (Sat)

December 11(Tues)
Dec. 8th (Saturday): Holiday Party @ Don Naple's House

Dec. 11th (Tuesday): Annual Meeting + AIW - Maker's Meeting @ Museums of Sonoma County 

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